About Us

Solar G is a designer, manufacturer and installer of integrated stand-alone solar lighting and signaling systems. We employ the latest in advanced electronics including the integration of LED Lighting and Lithium Battery technolgies. Since 1995, our solar powered systems have been designed with a primary focus on the Lighting and Advance Warning Systems (Telemetric) fields for governmental infrastructure such as roads, parks, wharfs and their common facilities. We collaborate closely with engineering and lighting consultants, architects, landscape architects, park & property and facilities managers. We also work with many lighting suppliers wanting to have a solar lighting solution as part of their own Product Menu and Service.

Our ability to offer a turnkey solar lighting solution or a one stop shop has proven to be favourable among our current clients. We offer a service that starts right from first site or plan surveys and initial consultation, which continues onto final system design, right through the manufacturing process, quality control and supply. We offer Installation as well as maintenance with a large range of spare parts available. Our designs include DC, AC and DC-AC systems. This entire process forms the Solar G service.

Solar G’s business approach is based around the idea that any load can be powered by solar if the cost benefit and sustainable energy objectives meet with customer requirements.

However, we design and build many conventional lighting systems (240v) when solar may not be a viable option. This way we can offer our clients the best approach with a solar lighting solution on a project by project basis.

Director Warren Stranger has over 30 years of experience in the stand-alone solar lighting business with a combined 60 years of valuable experience working on governmental and commercial construction projects.