Solar G - Solar Powered LED Street Lighting and Advance Warning Signaling Systems

Solar Street Lighting Systems and Off Grid Solar Powered Systems

Solar G showcases the latest in a wide range of Solar Street Lighting, Solar Off Grid Power, Solar Advanced Warning & Solar Signaling Systems. Some of these solar street lighting projects are the largest ever undertaken in public infrastructure in Australia (Goulburn). We are a ‘systems’ solution based team offering numerous solar street lighting design choices including pole styles and a variety of creditable LED fitting choices. We are an Australian company designing and manufacturing our own ranges of solar street lighting in Kurnell NSW. We build our systems from the ‘power’ side of the equation. This includes our popular Lighthouse Solar Street Lights along with High Load solar support systems for 50, 60 watt + loads. This includes CCTV surveillance and other solar powered systems requiring 240 vac input. This allows us to properly size each unit resulting in a trouble free long life operation which is based on the solar radiation data collected for all regions. We also build Advance Warning Telemetry, Signaling & Sensor Systems for all street and off road systems requiring a solar powered solution.

Solar Advance Warning Systems and Solar Signaling Systems

As you navigate around this site you may come across a similar solar street lighting or signaling project suitable for your own design and current thinking. Since many of our systems are design and construct we encourage you to make contact with us so you can discuss your Solar Powered project in more detail. Always feel free to reach us by phone or email.

NOTE TO INDUSTRY: If you are looking for partnership arrangements, particularly in product development and / or sub assembly work, strategic marketing, installation, warehousing and distribution please contact Warren Stranger to discuss your proposition further.