Solar G

Solar Powers Public Sculpture with dynamic LED Show

The Background In association with urban design works and a major revitalisation project nearing completion in Hunters Hill Village, the Hunter’s Hill Council Public Art Committee went through an extensive process in engaging an artist to design a piece of public art to be designed and installed in the area directly opposite Mapledorums Corner (corner of Ryde Rd and Gladesville Rd). The Committee ...[Read More]

Solar Street Lighting installed at Fairfield Car Park

The Background Over the years, the Fairfield City Council has been steadily improving their public car park facilities; particularly in and around densely populated areas of Cabramatta/Fairfield. Strategic land acquisition and smart rezoning has been instrumental in allowing them to build these always needed facilities. The Council had successfully integrated Solar Street Lighting in the design mi ...[Read More]

Solar Street Lighting Illuminates Western Night

The Background The Cities of Penrith and Blacktown are two of Sydney’s largest LGA’s. The both have recently implemented steps to increase lighting in and around each of their respected pathway networks. Penrith Council’s Walk Wise project which is aimed at renewing and activating public spaces and shared pathways to enhance community safety called for submissions to illuminate approx 600 Metres o ...[Read More]

Solar Bollards light the Green Hills

The Background The Sutherland Shire Council has been embellishing the beach-front housing estate of Green Hills. Situated between Cronulla and Kurnell the exclusive estate boasts a large Sporting Oval, Clubhouse, Amenity Blocks and other recreational provisions. The Council then wanted to provide some degree of illumination to approx 200 metres of sandy pathways leading to and from the beach. In c ...[Read More]

Solar Street Lighting increases security at Huntleys Point Walk

Early in 2014, The Hunters Hill Council (NSW) identified approx 600 metres of pathway that was in need of a complete lighting and supplementation upgrade. Referred to as a “Walk”, the path runs from the highly patronized Huntleys Point Wharf extending along Council’s Gladesville Reserve ending at Crown Street on the Reserve’s western side. The existing lighting (installed back in ...[Read More]

“Light Houses” shine Parramatta Lane Ways!

The Background The Parramatta City Council have identified poorly lit “Lane Ways” throughout their local government area. Many of these small thoroughfares had been developed without conventional street lighting for one reason or another. However with community feedback, Council determined that by installing passive solar street lighting it would provide pedestrians a safe walking passage as well ...[Read More]

Solar Street Lights extends ‘play time’ at Dog Off Leash Area

The Background The Camden Council commissioned Solar G to install Solar Street Lighting at their popular Dog Off Leash Reserve situated at the end of River Road in Eldesrlie. The brief was to provide a lighting corridor that would start at the car park through the entrance gates and then continue the lighting along the two adjoining fence lines. The intention was to illuminate some (not all) of th ...[Read More]

“Light Houses” appeal to Local Councils across the Nation.

The Background In 2012, Solar G designed a solar street lighting system that would incorporate the latest in technology, be visually appealing, affordable and versatile that it could be installed in most precincts in and around public open space. This would include retrofitting to existing pole structures and could be easily attached to a side of a building without a pole. As a result, the Light H ...[Read More]

North Sydney Council puts solar lights in at Smoothey Park

The Background Recently, the North Sydney Council commissioned Solar G to design and construct a solar powered LED lighting scheme to illuminate approx 200 metres for their Smoothey Park pathway network. The system was to replace the outdated solar technology installed back in 1999. Part of the project included the removal of the nine existing poles. A rocky substrate terrain also required further ...[Read More]

War Memorial “Shines” with LED Solar Lighting

The Background A few years back, the Bundeena RSL had surface mount lighting installed with the good intention to illuminate their War Memorial all night long. However, the fittings had a history of water ingress resulting in numerous failures and subsequent costly lamp replacements. Furthermore, the unmetred light’s circuit was powered from the street grid which in itself had interrupted supply i ...[Read More]