Kiama Council upgrades with latest Solar LED technology

The Background

In May 2013, Kiama Council commissioned Solar G to redesign the lighting circuit to eight existing free standing solar powered poles installed three years. These lights were to be ‘decorative’ only, not necessarily used to illuminate the road or the pathway. The 16x fittings (2 per pole) were made from an opaque acrylic and ‘moon’ in shape. They were required to be consistent (in design) with Council’s existing main street lighting infrastructure. However, the current systems were experiencing some issues including continued water ingress to the lights fitting themselves.

Solar G was askedo come up with a solution that would not change the look of the main street lighting structure and keep the original poles and arms. It was determined that not only had the lighting circuits ‘shorted’ but the battery supply was inadequate to support the CFL loads in the first place.

The Solution

Solar G recabled all the fittings using 4watt LED lamping technology. The scope of works also included the removal of the existing solar panels, their spigots and batteries. The new components included the LIGHT HOUSE Solar Kit which houses compact Lithium Ion Phosphor batteries as well as the controllers. The work was done on site and took 2 days to complete.

The Result

The light poles look exactly the same as required. The lighting will operate all night and the uniformity of the is spectacular. The result is outstanding.

For more information please contact Solar G or Kiama’s Manager of Works Ken Adcock