Kiama installs Solar LED Lighthouses at new Wharf

 The Background

The Kiama Municipal Council put out a Tender to construct a new wharf at their highly popular Kiama Boat Harbour. The Scope of Works included the installation of Solar Street Lights along 50 metres of proposed boardwalk. The solar design was a similar configuration Solar G had built back in 2008 at the old jetty nearby. This initial design included the installation of a Battery ‘Master’ Pole in which cabling connected to 2x ‘Slave’ lights.

However, at the time of Tender’s advertisement, Council had been unaware of Solar G’s latest Lighthouse Solar Kits now being manufactured in Sydney. Solar G asked Council to consider the Lighthouse Kits which offered Lithium Ion Phosphate battery technology (light weight, compact and long-life). Ease of installation was another attractive feature since all the control gear is neatly positioned within the solar panel housings themselves. The 12vdc 8W LED Lighthouses also require no cabling between poles that had been first carried out for the old jetty project.


The Solution

Council issued an immediate Addendum to the Tender process directing that 3x LED Lighthouses be incorporated into the Scope of Works Contract. Being a light weight design had enabled Wharf engineers to approve their installation deeming that the Lighthouse structure would have minimal load bearing impact on the Wharf’s construction. In fact, it even worked out as the cheaper option since the extra cabling work could now be avoided. A win-win for all parties involved.


The Result

If every picture tells a story, then you can see just how well the Lighthouses have fitted into the Wharf’s seascape environment. The LED lights were installed just 3200mm above the boardwalk giving ample illumination without over-spill.

Kiama is one of Australia’s most popular destinations. I think you will agree that they certainly look well at home here. A fourth Lighthouse has now been installed up in the reserve area to shed some light on the fishing cleaning facility. The LED Lighthouse systems will require no regular maintenance. The lighting will operate all night, year round.

Note: The Wharf Construction was funded by the RMS’s Better Boating Program

Project Participants

Lighthouse Design: Ian Crane


Lighthouse Certification: Kneebone & Beretta Consulting Pty Ltd

Engineer: Bruce Jameson


Kiama Council Project Engineer – Billy Wang


Wharf Construction: GPM Constructions

Project Manager Oliver Yu