“Light Houses” shine Parramatta Lane Ways!

The Background

The Parramatta City Council have identified poorly lit “Lane Ways” throughout their local government area. Many of these small thoroughfares had been developed without conventional street lighting for one reason or another.

However with community feedback, Council determined that by installing passive solar street lighting it would provide pedestrians a safe walking passage as well as reduce loitering hence potential crime.

Solar G was recently commissioned to install Solar Street Lighting in those areas currently identified as a priority.

The Solution

The Light House Street Lighting Systems were chosen due their price cost effectiveness, low maintenance, ease of installation and with little disruption to the public and surrounding environment (Read more on the Light House from previous Blog). “Light Houses” appeal to Local Councils across the Nation.

Light House Systems (designed and built in Sydney) have now been installed in three of Parramatta’s City’s Lane Ways. These include installations in Rosehill, Parramatta and Ermington. The Solar Street Lights have been positioned at 30 metres spacings providing adequate lighting without any unnecessary “spill’ into residential homes and yards.

The Result

The Solar LED Street lighting is uniform and illuminates each Lane Way as expected. The Light Houses will operate All Night.

For more information Please contact warren@solarg.com.au