North Sydney Council puts solar lights in at Smoothey Park

The Background

Recently, the North Sydney Council commissioned Solar G to design and construct a solar powered LED lighting scheme to illuminate approx 200 metres for their Smoothey Park pathway network. The system was to replace the outdated solar technology installed back in 1999. Part of the project included the removal of the nine existing poles. A rocky substrate terrain also required further investigation and assessment.

The Solution

Design considerations included the LED fitting load, required distance between poles and operational time. A 24vdc system was chosen as the best approach. Existing ambient lighting on adjacent paths were also considered in the design’s final layout.

As a result, five new solar LED lights were installed at approx 30 metre centres in order to meet AS1158 – P4.

However, due to the park’s dense tree canopy profile, the two solar Master Poles were positioned in suitable ‘sunny’ locations. Once determined, it was a matter of just excavating & cabling to the other three Slave Utility Poles.The Batteries and Controllers were house in two Battery Poles. All poles were finished with a Hawthorn Green powder coat.

The Result

The power coated poles blended in nicely within the park environment.The LED lighting is uniform and illuminates the path adequately without glare or over-spill. The LED lighting will operate from dusk to dawn.

Project Participants

Design & Project Manager: Ian Crane Solar G

North Sydney Council Park Officer: David Manson