Old Systems

Solar G design and build their Solar LED Lighting, LED Signaling Telemetry and associated systems to suit most applications. These include numerous pole styles with a selection of suitable lamps and fittings as options. Most Solar G systems have 12vdc & 24vdc – 240vac conversion options. Battery technology such as Calcium Sealed and Lithium Ion Phosphate are incorporated into our systems as designed. Click on each system that may suit your project. Note: All Solar G Systems can be designed with Banner Arms and Logo Design features

Light House

General features include: LED Fitting (up to 20 watts), Pre-assembled aluminium housing, Battery – Lithium Ion Phosphate, Pole, Wall Mount or Retrofit options. Applications: Path, Wharf & General Lighting requirements.


General features include: Battery Buried. Controller sits behind Inspection Door. Applications: Path, Car Park & General Lighting loads above 20 watts.


General features include: Battery and Controller at Base of Pole. Stump Pole Foundation. Applications: Path, Car Park and General installations where rock/hard terrain exists.

Off Grid Power – Solar High Load

General features include: EnerGy Cabinet, Low to high voltage Inverter package including switches, fuses with a large Battery backup arrangement. Applications: Power for sophisticated CCTV and other monitoring devices, Bridges & Highways. Generally, loads greater than 80 watts when multiple lights/or associated string of devices require remote Solar powering.

Bollards – EXA & SBL

General features include: 12vdc, 24dc and 240V options (EXA). 12vdc and 24vdc options must be cabled from a Remote Solar Array SBL Bollard is self contain ALL IN ONE UNIT. Available with Aluminium or Recycled Plastic. Colour options available.


General features include: Battery and Controller sit in Housing at top of pole. Applications: All areas near water where the Battery needs to be placed above water levels or at frequently flood effected locations. Generally, for loads greater than 20 watts.

Signage, LED Up, Flood and Spot Lighting

General features include: All LED light fittings available including Submersible options (IP68). Generally for load less than 30 Watts

Advance Warning, Signaling & Sensors

General features include: Battery and Controller inside Housing at top of pole. Sensors and Advance Warning Systems. Applications: Water Over Road, Fog Gauge, Truck Turning, Rain Gauge, Cycle Way Counters, School Crossing, Siren Alert. Telemetry options include: Back to Base, SMS, Remote Transmitting Activation, Data Collection & Systems Monitoring.

Conventional (240v)

General features include: Premium Decorative All Pole and Light fitting options.


General features include: Robust Aluminium Solar HousingBattery Buried. Controller sits behind Inspection Door. Powder Coated (standard) Battery Pole option. Applications: Parks and Car Parks where a high visual appeal and finish is required. Generally, for lighting loads greater than 20 watts.

Difficult Site

General features Include: Custom designs to suit most locations.