Advance Warning and Signaling


Customer Cootamundra Council (NSW)
Project Muttama Gundagai Road
System Water Over Road Sensor
Units installed 1
Fitting Traffic Amber LED Signals
Pole Basic

Cootamundra Council

After a young driver tragically drowned trying to cross the flooded Muttama Road, the Cootamundra

Council reviewed its options on how to prevent this unfortunate circumstance reoccurring. Considerations

included raising the road level to a satisfactory height. However, costs made this option very expensive.

Upon review, Council consulted Solar G to design and install a Solar Powered Sensor System

that is activated in times of heavy rain. The Sensor was strategically placed near the Causeway and set

at a predetermined level. Once any volume of water reaches this level, the System is activated and a

radio signal is transmitted to the remote Receivers 250 metres either side of the Causeway; activating

the Flashing Lights. The System is designed to keep the lights flashing continuously for seven days.

System options includes GPS, SMS, Remote Control plus Systems Monitoring and Reporting.