Customer Kiama Municipal Council
Project Little Blow Hole
System EXA Bollard
Units installed 4
Fitting 7w CFL
Pole Battery with Stump Post

Kiama Municipal Council

The Kiama Council commissioned Solar G to install 4 EXA Bollards at their picturesque Little Blow

Hole Park. A newly created path was installed to give easy access to a viewing platform overlooking

the northern coastline. Council required a subtle light that would not hinder the night time viewing.

The EXA Bollard was selected for its robust construction and aesthetic appeal. Each Bollard was fitted

with a 7 watt CFL powered via a remote Solar Battery Pole collector. The single low voltage circuit

(12vdc) made for an easy and safe ‘Plug and Play’ connection to each fitting. The light will operate

for 8 hours (6/2 split) each night.