Conventional 240v

Customer Campbelltown City Council
Project Mawson Park
System Premium
Units installed 16
Fitting 44w LED (KAGA Ledeema)
Pole 2 Piece Premium

Campbelltown City Council


How ironic is it that lighting’s latest technology has been installed in Australia’s oldest public park.

Originally donated by Wool Pioneer John Macathur, the Campbelltown City Council (NSW) recently

commissioned Solar G to provide a pathway lighting upgrade solution for the City’s most central and

historical park. The current lighting was over 20 years old having outdated lamps that became costly

to operate. Briefly, Solar G had carried out a feasibility survey 2 years ago and found that solar was

not viable due to the dense tree canopy covering half of the Park. This lead Solar G to recommend a

conventional approach that would include both modern appeal with a low load requirement that

would significantly reduce power consumption by 50%. Solar G installed their 16x Premium Poles

(Charcoal PC) with 44w Kaga LED fittings all designed to meet as 1158 P3. Each Pole also features

Banner Arms while four of the poles also have LED ‘Spots’ fitted directing light towards other Park