Park, Pathway and Wharf



Customer Leichhardt Municipal Council
Project The Bay Run
System Utility
Units installed 14
Fitting 17w LED (KAGA)
Pole Utility In-Ground

Leichhardt City Counci

The Leichhardt City Council (NSW) recently commissioned Solar G to design and install a solar lighting

system to illuminate their highly popular Bay Run Cycle Way at Lilyfield. The Council chose the

KAGA 17 W LED fittings due to their outstanding light distribution when comparing with other LED

fittings running at 30 watts. The lighting was also to meet AS1158-P4. Solar G’s Utility Pole System

was chosen while employing ‘Master’ poles in certain locations to overcome the area’s dense tree canopy which would have impeded on the panel’s performance. Low voltage cables were then laid connecting to their respective ‘Slave’ poles. The KAGA Fittings have an expected life of 50000 + hours.

The Lights will operate all night.




Customer Sutherland Shire Council
Project Yowie Bay Wharf
System Utility
Units installed 2
Fitting 28w Green Street (2 x 14)
Pole Utility Battery with Stump Post

Sutherland Shire Council

The Sutherland Council have embarked on an extensive rebuilding program to numerous Wharves

and Jetties throughout their Shire. The Scope of Works includes the disconnection of the existing lighting from the power grid and installing Solar G lighting Systems as their preferred option. Each stand alone system generally includes a Battery Pole Solar Collector (with light) positioned at the

abutment of each wharf while powering 12vdc circuits to a second light (referred to as a Slave) at each Pontoon situated about 20 metres away. These photos were taken from Council’s recently completed

Yowie Bay Wharf upgrade. The poles are powder coated to compliment each project. The lights are to

operate all night.







Customer Parramatta City Council
Project Parramatta River Foreshore
System Premium
Units installed 13
Fitting 28w Green Street (2 x 14)
Pole Tension Pole (INGAL)

Parramatta City Council

Solar G was commissioned by Parramatta City Council to install 13 solar lights along the River’s

Foreshore newly built Pedestrian Cycle Way, located just East of the highly patronized Charles

Street Ferry Wharf. Solar G designed had worked closely with national

pole producers Ingal to provide a fully integrated system. The lighting has met AS – P2.

Pierlite’s Green Street fitting was used due to its outstanding light output. “Stay Wires” formed part

of the black ‘satin’ powder coated pole and frame assembly, giving it a unique “Urban” look. A Sentry

Box Sign was also installed (Milne & Stonehouse Artists) to enhance the historical significance of the

area. The Sentry Box was fitted with 10 x Light Smart 4 watt LED fittings powered via two of the solar

light poles. The lights will operate all night.