Street, Highway, Rest Stops




Customer Goulburn Mulwaree Shire Council (NSW)
Project Marys Mount Road
System Utility
Units installed 54
Fitting 28w Green Street (2 x 14)
Pole Utility 7500mm with Stump Post

Marys Mount Road

The Goulburn Mulwaree Shire Council had commissioned Solar G to design and install 54x Solar

Street Lights at their 3 kilometer long Marys Mount Road. The installation is the single largest Stand

Alone Solar Street lighting project for a Council road in Australia. The purpose built system incorporated

the Pierlite 2 x 14W Green Street fittings designed to meet P5. The System’s capacity enables

each light to operate for up to 14 hours. However, being a flood prone area, the Batteries were housed

below ground in a air-tight box to avoid water ingress. The Inspection Door (where the Controller

sits) had also been designed (atypically) at 1600mm above Ground Level to again avoid any potential

damage to the Controller if the road was to flood. It took Solar G three weeks to install the lights.




Customer Fairfield City Council
Project Bibbys Place, Bonnyrigg
System Premium
Units installed 5
Fitting 30w LED
Pole MULTIPOLE 8000mm with Stump Post

Bibbys Place


The Fairfield City Council recently commissioned Solar G to design and install a 5x Solar LED lighting systems to illuminate the culturally significant Bibbys Place at Bonnyrigg. Represented by manyreligious places of worship, the lighting was installed to supplement the existing street light replacing temporary solar lights previously installed on portable concrete plinths. The 30W LEDs were selected due to their outstanding light distribution and 50000 + hours life expectancy. The highly popular and flexible aluminium MULTIPOLES were also chosen where the Batteries and Controller are neatly stored in each of the Pole’s bases. These Aluminium Poles were again complimented by the Solar G Aluminum Framing System adding that visual appeal of a dimension, robustness along with a nicely integrated finish. 2x Banner Arms will also be attached to each pole. The lighting will operate all night.






Customer Roads and Maritime Services
Project Woomargama By Pass (Hume Highway)
System 500w Stand Alone
Units installed 10
Fitting 70w HPS
Pole 9m Tapered (INGAL)

Hume Highway Woomargama

The AbiGroup (as part of the Hume Highway Woomargama Alliance (HHWA)) contracted Solar G to build 10x 500W Solar Power Lighting Systems to illuminate intersections both at the Southern and Northern locations of their newly built Woomargama By-Pass near Albury. Lighting design was performed by Webb Australia Group (NSW). Solar design including PV panels, poles and equipment was developed between Solar G & Webb Australia Group. SKM & Abigroup had also provided assistance during construction work. The 70 W HPS lamps were to operate for up to 14 hours per night. The system design included the custom made feature of 10x EnerGy Cabinets which were required to house the Batteries, Switches, Inverter and remaining Control Gear. Solar G again carried out installation which was completed in October 2011. Their supply team included INGAL (Poles) and Wardrope & Carroll (Metal Fabricators).We also need to make mention of good customer satisfaction during both the design and construction phases.



Rest Stop



Customer QTMR Roadtek’s Asset Services (North)
Project Mingela Rest Stop
System Utility
Units installed 1
Fitting Pierlite 28w Green Street (2 x 14)
Pole 6m Tapered with 3m outreach (INGAL)

Mingela Rest Stops

QTMR Roadtek’s Asset Services (North) recently installed a solar light at their Mingela Rest Stop south of Townsville. The Pierlite 28w T5 Green Street fitting was again used for it’s outstanding light
distribution. Pole maker INGAL supplied the 6 metre tapered poles with 3 metre outreaches. The
lamp height is 8 metres. This increases QTMR Solar G systems to a total of 26 units installed over the
past 12 months. These systems require no regular maintenance. The light will operate all night.