Solar Powers Public Sculpture with dynamic LED Show

The Background

In association with urban design works and a major revitalisation project nearing completion in Hunters Hill Village, the Hunter’s Hill Council Public Art Committee went through an extensive process in engaging an artist to design a piece of public art to be designed and installed in the area directly opposite Mapledorums Corner (corner of Ryde Rd and Gladesville Rd). The Committee forwarded a Public Art Brief to artists throughout metropolitan and regional NSW prior to selecting the public art concept submitted by Public Art Artist, Col Henry. The Committee determined that the Col Henry concept was to be pursued for its ability to interact and engage with users of the village as well as its aesthetic attributes. Col Henry engaged with over 100 residents who provided valuable input. Participants included students from Hunters Hill Public School, members from; Hunters Hill Historical Society, Hunters Hill Village Main Street Committee, Hunters Hill Public Art Committee, and users of Hunters Hill Village.

The Public Art would also include an affective dynamic LED display for their popular Gladesville shopping precinct. The LED Display would feature RGB colour changing sequences throughout its night time duty cycle. However, it quickly became evident that the cost to run conventional power was going to difficult not only from a metering perspective but that the underground services where always going to make it challenging to cable around them.

The Solution

Solar G had then been approached by Council to work in with Col Henry to design an off grid solar power solution that would provide power for the LED lighting display. However, in briefing Solar G, Council stipulated that the solar system needed have minimal construction disruption window with only a minor inconvenience to residents, shop keepers and their patrons.

The 12vdc system design included a 250W solar array positioned on top of a Battery Pole and to be installed adjacent to the Sculpture. This pole would also house the Colour Controller, the Regulator and the Batteries.

Furthermore, due to a high volume of vehicular traffic the erection of the solar array had to be carried out at night with Traffic Control Management in place to facilitate the installation.

The Result

The work represents the growth of the area and how it has changed dramatically over the years; bringing life, movement and energy to the site. There are symbol references on the work which were developed as part of discussions with local residents and what they see as being of significance to the local area, including; Aboriginal middens, Sandstone, Bushland, Water, Fig trees, and Jacarandas. Audiences may view the work as three trees or flowers, however the artwork can be interpreted in many other ways. Ultimately, the work gives people an opportunity to look, wonder, think, talk and consider.

The 6x LED Downlights operate at 3 watt each giving a magnificent and uniform display of dynamic colour changing. The Hunters Hill Community now enjoy a unique Public Sculpture than can be appreciated Morning, Noon and Night.

Solar G is an Australian owned and operated solar manufacturing business in Kurnell NSW.

For more information please contact:

Solar G: Warren Stranger

Col Henry Sculpture: Col Henry

Hunters Hills Council Corporate Strategist: Annie Goodman