Solar Power LEDs ‘Lights’ up the Como Bridge Pedestrian Walk

The Background

In April 2013, the Sutherland Shire Council commissioned Solar G to design a lighting scheme for their Como Bridge Pedestrian Walk that connects the suburbs of Como and Oatley (Kogarah Council side). Briefly, Solar G had installed the original solar lighting back in Year 2000. At that time, the design included 9x solar array housings that were attached along the outside of the Bridge’s Western side. Fitted inside each of the Array Housings were the Controllers and Batteries neatly assembled and tucked away from any public access. However, accessing them for any future inspection and maintenance resulted in high expense as well as the inconvenience of closing off access to the Bridge for hours on end.

The lighting levels also need to be increased. So when Council approached Solar G to design and construct a more favourable solar lighting scheme, we needed to engineer a more modern but robust approach that would be easy to maintain and improve light quality from dusk to dawn.


The Solution

After consideration to the Council’s requirement, Solar G designed a Remote Area Power Scheme that could operate a single lighting circuit that could power the lights over a 300 metres stretch essentially covering the entire Bridge Walk. A design that would not only meet the AS 1158 but the solar array had to be installed ‘off’ the Bridge and at its southern abutment. As a result, the only real option was to build a 24vdc (input) – 240vac (output) system. Part of this system included Solar G’s custom designed EnerGy Cabinet that would house all the Control Gear in one centrally management location including the Inverter, Batteries, Switches and Fuses. A 600 Watt Solar Array was installed atop a 6 metre Pole that was positioned adjacent to the Cabinet while providing enough green power to operate 7x 19watt Ledeema (Kaga) LED fittings. The cabling was affixed to the top of the Bridge with an overhead aerial cable completing the final connection from the EnerGy Cabinet to the Bridge’s first Arch.


The Result

The public now enjoy 24 hours of safe access to either run, cycle or just stroll in what would be arguably one Sydney’s most picturesque pedestrian walks. The System is expected to operate trouble free for 20 Years.


Project Participants

Design & Project Manager: Ian Crane

Electrical Services: Darryn Neal – Sydney City Electrical

Sutherland Council Officers:

Gwyn Cleeves

Dean Schuetrim

Adam Barnard