Solar Street Lights extends ‘play time’ at Dog Off Leash Area

The Background

The Camden Council commissioned Solar G to install Solar Street Lighting at their popular Dog Off Leash Reserve situated at the end of River Road in Eldesrlie.

The brief was to provide a lighting corridor that would start at the car park through the entrance gates and then continue the lighting along the two adjoining fence lines. The intention was to illuminate some (not all) of the Obstacle Course. It was also to provide adequate lighting for patrons to use the facilities for a few hours after Sunset as well as to provide safe passage back to their vehicles.

The Solution

Six (6) Light House Systems using 17 watt Led fittings ( Single 33 watt for the car park) were chosen due their price cost effectiveness and ease of installation.

Note: You can read up on the Light House system in our previous Blog.

Each LED fitting (Kaga Ledeema) was angled upward 20 degrees. This allowed the light to be projected significantly more forward which in-turn allowed good coverage well into the Reserve.

The Result

The Solar powered LED lighting is uniform and illuminates the area as expected. The lighting will operate for three hours each night with an additional hour each morning (3/1 Split time).

The Patrons are happy since it extends exercise time with their beloved pooches and particularly for those who work during the day and wish to spend quality time having a ‘ball’ so to speak.

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