Solar Street Lighting Illuminates Western Night

The Background

The Cities of Penrith and Blacktown are two of Sydney’s largest LGA’s. The both have recently implemented steps to increase lighting in and around each of their respected pathway networks.

Penrith Council’s Walk Wise project which is aimed at renewing and activating public spaces and shared pathways to enhance community safety called for submissions to illuminate approx 600 Metres of pathway at their highly popular Jamison Park Sporting Complex.

At the same time, the Blacktown Council through their Use of Open Space, Safety and Crime Prevention Policy called for submissions to illuminate approx 600 metres of their pathway at Troubadour Reserve, Kings Langley. Both projects were required to be lit to AS1158 P4.

Solar Powered Street Lighting was both their preferred option to eliminate the costly trenching and cabling of high voltage circuits.

In consultation with each of their respective communities it was decided the lighting should be on Timer Switches and to turn on/off a prescribed times throughout the year.

The Solution

Solar G had been commissioned to install 17 of their highly popular Light House Systems at Jamison Park, South Penrith. Timers were to be switched off the lights at 9PM. A further 15 Light House Systems were also installed in Troubadour Park, Kings Langley. Timers were to be switched off at 11:30PM. Solar G integrated the Astro Timer Switches which automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings throughout the year. The Japanese made KAGA LED light fittings were selected due to their outstanding output & quality, cost effectiveness and expected long life.

The Result

In both the Penrith and Blacktown Projects the Light Houses distribute the lighting efficiently down the paths with minimum upward or back spill. The community can now enjoy the security and the use of these pathways all year round.

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