Solar Street Lighting installed at Fairfield Car Park

The Background

Over the years, the Fairfield City Council has been steadily improving their public car park facilities; particularly in and around densely populated areas of Cabramatta/Fairfield. Strategic land acquisition and smart rezoning has been instrumental in allowing them to build these always needed facilities.

The Council had successfully integrated Solar Street Lighting in the design mix for a car park built at Cabramatta a few years back. With its success, Council had again earmarked Solar Street Lighting for a proposed car park now at Barbara St, Fairfield. This construction would see an additional 45 spaces including two dedicated as Disable Spaces.

The Lighting Design was required to meet AS1158 P11c. The Fittings were to be of a highly qualified robust LED lamping and have a modern appeal. Being consistent with Council Policy, it was also mandatory in keeping a minimal impact of both light spill and glare on adjoining residential properties.

Then back in 2014, Council called a RFQ for the design, manufacture and installation of Solar Street Lighting to meet this criteria.

The Solution

Later that year, Solar G had then been awarded the Contract. The system design included 5x 30W GRAH Aerolite LSL LED Fittings supplied by the Solar G’s strategic Partners, Highlux. However, due to construction delays, installation was completed in December 2015. The batteries and controllers are housed at the base of each pole which allows quick access for any future inspection and maintenance program required.

The Result

The outstanding Grah LED lamping technology provides adequate and an even light distribution throughout. Impressively, Grah provides automotive LED lights for acknowledged companies like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, VW, GM, and Nissan.

The Solar G 12vdc systems uses the best of renewable components in an already progressive and sustainable environment. The Good News? The Fairfield Council will never see an Electricity Bill and will enjoy years of trouble-free operation. The Fairfield Community now has a well lit and safe car park and will help to ease the traffic congestion. The Lights will operate All Night.

Solar G is an Australian owned and operated manufacturing business in Kurnell NSW provide solar Off-Grid power solutions. For more information Please contact