“Light Houses” appeal to Local Councils across the Nation.

The Background
In 2012, Solar G designed a solar street lighting system that would incorporate the latest in technology, be visually appealing, affordable and versatile that it could be installed in most precincts in and around public open space. This would include retrofitting to existing pole structures and could be easily attached to a side of a building without a pole. As a result, the Light House System was created; manufactured right here in Australia.
The Battery
The success of the Light House solar street light is primarily due to the introduction of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIP) Battery. Its energy dense battery management has allowed Solar G to build small but very efficient systems removing the ‘bulkiness’ of conventional solar lighting systems. For instance, Lithium can cycle up to 10x longer than many conventional batteries. While many conventional battery systems lose years of operational life when discharges exceed 60% of capacity, Lithium can discharge down to even below 30% only to quickly recover and repeat the recharging process time after time. Life expectancy is 10 years.
The Light
The Light House use both 8W and 17W LED (Ledeema) fittings. These high output luminaires are designed and made in Japan by Kaga who are World leaders in LED Lighting and Photo Cell technology. The prismatic characteristics of the fitting’s Len along with their highly stabilised Driver Circuit creates one of the best performing LED fittings in it range. Particularly, suited where the Light House is to comply with the Australia’s Pedestrian Lighting Codes.
The Solar Panel
The Aluminium Light House also incorporates the CNPV range of small modules. CNPV are world leaders in Photo-voltaic (PV) delivering the Light House the power generation it requires for years of maintenance free life.
The Quick Solution
Most freestanding solar street lighting applications are primarily installed in and around passive areas such as paths & cycle ways, jetties & wharves, car parks and playgrounds. Each Light House systems take approx 1 hour to install with the Battery and Controller already pre-assemble inside the solar housing. The installer simply plugs in three fuses commissioning the Light House to operate that evening.
The Result
The Light House has now been installed in over 100 locations across Australia making it a truly Nationally accepted solar street light. The Light House gives local authorities both a quick and an efficient lighting solution while delivering a low cost of ownership profile.The Lighting operates from dusk to dawn or as prescribed.
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