Solar G design and build their Solar LED Lighting, LED Signaling Telemetry and associated systems to suit most applications. These include numerous pole styles with a selection of suitable lamps and fittings as options. Most Solar G systems have 12vdc & 24vdc – 240vac conversion options. Battery technology such as Calcium Sealed and Lithium Ion Phosphate are incorporated into our systems as designed. Click on each system that may suit your project. Note: All Solar G Systems can be designed with Banner Arms and Logo Design features

  • Utility

    General features include: Battery Buried. Controller sits behind Inspection Door. Applications: Path, Car Park & General Lighting loads above 20 watts.

  • Battery

    General features include: Battery and Controller at Base of Pole. Stump Pole Foundation. Applications: Path, Car Park and General installations where rock/hard terrain exists.

  • Off Grid Power – Solar High Load

    General features include: EnerGy Cabinet, Low to high voltage Inverter package including switches, fuses with a large Battery backup arrangement. Applications: Power for sophisticated CCTV and other monitoring devices, Bridges & Highways. Generally, loads greater than 80 watts when multiple lights/or associated string of devices require remote Solar powering.

  • Bollards – EXA & SBL

    General features include: 12vdc, 24dc and 240V options (EXA). 12vdc and 24vdc options must be cabled from a Remote Solar Array SBL Bollard is self contain ALL IN ONE UNIT. Available with Aluminium or Recycled Plastic. Colour options available.

  • Cauldron

    General features include: Battery and Controller sit in Housing at top of pole. Applications: All areas near water where the Battery needs to be placed above water levels or at frequently flood effected locations. Generally, for loads greater than 20 watts.

  • Signage, LED Up, Flood and Spot Lighting

    General features include: All LED light fittings available including Submersible options (IP68). Generally for load less than 30 Watts.

  • Advance Warning, Signaling & Sensors

    General features include: Battery and Controller inside Housing at top of pole. Sensors and Advance Warning Systems. Applications: Water Over Road, Fog Gauge, Truck Turning, Rain Gauge, Cycle Way Counters, School Crossing, Siren Alert. Telemetry options include: Back to Base, SMS, Remote Transmitting Activation, Data Collection & Systems Monitoring.

  • Conventional (240v)

    General features include: Premium Decorative All Pole and Light fitting options.

  • Premium

    General features include: Robust Aluminium Solar HousingBattery Buried. Controller sits behind Inspection Door. Powder Coated (standard) Battery Pole option. Applications: Parks and Car Parks where a high visual appeal and finish is required. Generally, for lighting loads greater than 20 watts.

  • Difficult Site

    General features Include: Custom designs to suit most locations.