War Memorial “Shines” with LED Solar Lighting

The Background

A few years back, the Bundeena RSL had surface mount lighting installed with the good intention to illuminate their War Memorial all night long.

However, the fittings had a history of water ingress resulting in numerous failures and subsequent costly lamp replacements. Furthermore, the unmetred light’s circuit was powered from the street grid which in itself had interrupted supply issues that become all to frequent. The current idea was to install a metred supply from the RSL’s building and run power directly to the Memorial with brand new fittings.

However, to install Metre as well as excavate through solid sandstone was proved to be too costly. Solar power then became a viable alternative.

The Solution

The Sutherland Shire (along with RSL Board Members) then approached Solar G to design and construct a free standing ‘off grid’ system that would be cost effective. The Lighting brief was to illuminate both the Memorial’s Plaque as well as its Flag as it has been originally intended. The fittings were to be robust, ‘water tight and require no regular maintenance’. LEDs were a must and formed the centre of design.

Solar G again used it popular EXA Bollards by installing a 28W LED Flood fitting to light their Flag along with a 4W LED Spot fitting for their Plaque. Each Led light had been neatly fixed inside the housing of the sturdy and robust EXA Bollard.


A Battery Pole was installed as the Master Solar Panel Pole where the Batteries could also be neatly stored and access for future inspection. The pole was subtly positioned approx 30 metres from the Memorial.



The Result

Being IP 67 rated, the 12vdc LED fittings will not allow any water ingress. It will provide a toublefree and long solution. The Lighting will operate from dusk to dawn operation automatically adjusted for daylight savings.



Project Particpants

Design & Project Manager – Ian Crane


02 9668 8975

More information contact Warren Stranger


0415 400 017